In this episode, ⁠⁠Shahin⁠⁠ talks about Kanban Ninja, KLR and New Open Space.

The following have been topics of our conversation:

  • Insights from attending Kanban Leadership Retreat in San Diego
  • Customized open space format for efficient topic selection and discussion.
  • “Kanban ninjas” session in KLR23 to teach techniques for using Kanban method without telling people, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness
  • Techniques to smooth burndown chart in scrum fashion, including “look right, look up, look left” rule.
  • Encouraging team members to take ownership of tasks by providing excuses for not completing them.
  • Discussing techniques like “last one to the meeting” and “CFD with arrival and departure rates” to improve team productivity and time management.
  • Encouraging teams to celebrate small victories and identify areas for improvement.
  • Assume positive intent keeps a healthy atmosphere in the team.
  • Introducing a color-coding voting technique to help teams identify areas for improvement in Kanban maturity model.
  • Discussing techniques like “What do you really do well?” to uncover sources of dissatisfaction in a team conversation.

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In this episode, Fahd joined Shahin to talk about Embracing Failure, Coaching, and Clear Goals.

The following have been topics of our conversation:

  • The following have been topics of our conversation:
  • Breaking down a large program into smaller teams.
  • Letting things play out and not being afraid of coaching.
  • The importance of welcoming failure and pauses.
  • Recommendation for people starting their journey.
  • Iterative development and iterative development.
  • The importance of being a service leader.
  • Assume positive intent keeps a healthy atmosphere in the team.
  • The challenge of having clear goals.

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On this special day, Elevate Change Inc. wishes all our fellow Canadians a heartfelt and joyous Canada Day! 🎊 Today, we come together to honor the vibrant tapestry of cultures, diversity, and shared values that make our beloved country so exceptional.

Canada, our beautiful home, is a land of endless possibilities, where dreams take flight and aspirations become reality. As we reflect upon our collective journey, we are humbled by the immense progress we have made together and inspired by the promise of a brighter future.

This Canada Day, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Canadian spirit that binds us all. We are grateful for the strength of our communities, the compassion of our people, and the unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equality that defines us.

At Elevate Change Inc., we are privileged to work with incredible individuals, organizations, and partners who share our passion for positive social impact. Together, we strive to uplift and empower communities, creating lasting change that transforms lives.

Today, we celebrate not only our country’s natural beauty but also the remarkable achievements we have accomplished as a nation. From coast to coast, we have built bridges of understanding, fostered innovation, and stood as beacons of hope for the world.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the strength and resilience of Canadians, who have faced challenges with unwavering determination and kindness. We salute our front-line workers, our educators, our volunteers, and every Canadian who has contributed to making Canada a compassionate and caring society.

As we wave our flags high and sing “O Canada” with pride, let us remember the core values that define us as a nation: inclusivity, diversity, and respect. Together, we can continue to forge a path towards a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Happy Canada Day to all our amazing colleagues, partners, friends, and fellow Canadians! May this day be filled with joy, love, and cherished memories. Let us come together as one, united in our shared purpose of making Canada an even better place for generations to come.

#CanadaDay2023 #ElevateChange #ProudToBeCanadian #TogetherWeRise

In this episode, Horia joined Shahin to talk about Kanban and Various Aspects of Coaching & Consulting, as part of the Kanban Clinic series.

The following have been topics of our conversation:

  • Collaboration is the main mechanism to untangle the system.
  • One of our responsibilities is to manage our own workload.
  • What is your self-care as a coach & How to avoid burnout in your career?
  • How do you deal with changes?
  • Basic steps for listeners to get to a trustful environment.
  • Collaboration, alignment and teamwork.
  • Hacking the culture of agile & the evolution of agile at each level.
  • Correlation between agile practices and culture.

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In this episode, Carlos joined Shahin to talk about the product and innovation.

The following have been topics of our conversation:

  • The secret sauce of becoming a successful learner and being able to apply that.
  • Identifying where to start in the customer journey.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • The two ways to look at innovation: solving problems and improving the overall experience.
  • The two ways to look at innovation: incremental or breakthrough.
  • The challenge of getting a shared understanding in the room.

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In this episode, Andreas joined Shahin to talk about Dependencies and Scalability in Kanban, as part of Kanban Clinic series.

Kanban Clinic - Dependencies and Scalability in Kanban

The following has been topics of our conversation:

  • Dependency management in Kanban vs waterfall.
  • Kanban management of dependencies vs Scrum.
  • How to implement business agility in your organization.
  • Kanban, simple or complicated?
  • Kanban v.s. Scrum
  • The easiest way to understand Kanban fully.

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In this episode, Jason joined Shahin to talk about Lean Change, Modern Change and Agile Change and much more.

The following has been topics of our conversation:

  • Lean Change Management
  • Modern Change Management
  • Agile in Startup and Large Orgs, and in Different Pockets
  • Lean Startup Machine
  • Enterprise Aware
  • Exceptional Change
  • Who is Responsible for Change?
  • That Change Show

The followings we have referenced:

  • Becoming a Change Artist – Jerry Weinberg
  • Are your lights on?
  • The secrets of consulting
  • The psychology of computer programming
  • Virginia Satir Ecosystem
  • MIT’s Leading Organization Change

In this episode, Mike joined Shahin to talk about Kanban, Leadership, Strategy, Games and non prescriptive Agile and much more.

Quotes from this session:

  • Leadership is about providing just the right amount of space. Don’t give them so much space that they lose heart, control, or their grip on what they are trying to do.
  • If Agile is something that happens to you, it’s pretty awful.
  • Rolling things out is a recipe for pain, not for success!
  • There is no way a leader can control anybody!
  • The world would be very very dull if we are only allowed one framework.
  • Agile can be done in investment banking.

The following has been topics of our conversation:

  • Kanban Through Its Values
  • Kanban From The Inside
  • non prescriptive agile and change
  • 3 layers of leadership
  • Servant leadership, Host leadership, Leader leadership, Clear leadership
  • Mindset of integration
  • Descriptive vs. prescriptive models and designs
  • Clean language
  • Leader is not a therapist
  • Generative question and conversations


  • Featureban
  • Changeban
  • 15 minutes photo
  • Celebration 5W

The following books we have referenced:

Where you can find more about Mike and his work

As the pace of change continues to increase, implementing strategy and changing direction is still a major hurdle for most organizations. Companies now need to be able to focus, align and engage their people around dynamic and measurable outcomes – becoming more agile and flexible in their outputs and process while helping people understand how they connect with and impact their companies future success.

In this session, we will be joined by Carlos Oliveira, a principal adviser at adaptiveX, a boutique product design, training and innovation consultancy.

Carlos will be leading us through Objectives and Key Results, a simple goal setting framework popularized by Google and used by leadership teams across Silicon Valley. Participants will be guided through an interactive exercise to help grasp the concept. Carlos will also share his experience implementing the framework in large enterprise organizations.

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