Elevate to coach

What is Elevate To Coach Program?

Elevate to Coach program is designed for people with the potentials to elevate their skillsets to become a successful Agile Coach. It helps them find a role, and be successful in it.

How IS the Elevate to coach program UNIQUE?

Think of Elevate to Coach as a unique program designed for you. We work together to identify your needs. And we will focus on those areas. We don’t have a generic syllabus to waste your time on it. It is a very intimate journey with an experienced coach on each step of your journey. Our coaches are also working with clients on the ground, they practice what they preach. They believe that a great coach is a coach that is coaching still, and not only educating others.

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Who is Eligible for Elevate to coach Program?

If you consider yourself someone that has the potentials for being an Agile Coach, we are here to navigate you, educate you, and support you. A typical registrant for this program is Senior Scrum Masters, Team Leads, and/or People at the Management level. There is an evaluation step that can help identify your potential. Also, it can help you identify the missing pieces for becoming an Agile Coach.




Coaching and/or Mentoring

It might be both, or one, or switching between them! We can explore it together.

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