In this episode, Dave joined Shahin to talk about Kanban; and indulge in an in-depth conversation on Kanban going main stream, Consulting, Kanban vs Others, Training, and much more.

The following has been topics of our conversation:

  • Kanban Facts
    • Kanban’s take on Estimation
    • Kanban Spread to Whole Company
    • What really does Kanban do?
    • Misconceptions of Kanban
    • Kanban offers a long-term solution rather a short-term achievements
    • One reason that the Kanban Method was created, was to make life better for people.
    • Kanban; it’s just a way to see your problems, describe solutions, put them in a place that everybody understands, and to bring all of your people together to solve these problems.
    • Scrum, SAFe, XP Barrier on evolving change in any organization
  • Kanban Going Mainstream
  • Lean Software Society Boston 2012
  • Consulting Secrets for a Good Consultant
    • High-Performing Team vs High-Performing Organization
Community Initiation of Lean-Kanban University (now Kanban University)

The following books we have referenced:

We mentioned the following people:

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