In this episode, Dave joined Shahin to talk about Kanban; and indulge in an in-depth conversation on Kanban going main stream, Consulting, Kanban vs Others, Training, and much more.

The following has been topics of our conversation:

  • Kanban Facts
    • Kanban’s take on Estimation
    • Kanban Spread to Whole Company
    • What really does Kanban do?
    • Misconceptions of Kanban
    • Kanban offers a long-term solution rather a short-term achievements
    • One reason that the Kanban Method was created, was to make life better for people.
    • Kanban; it’s just a way to see your problems, describe solutions, put them in a place that everybody understands, and to bring all of your people together to solve these problems.
    • Scrum, SAFe, XP Barrier on evolving change in any organization
  • Kanban Going Mainstream
  • Lean Software Society Boston 2012
  • Consulting Secrets for a Good Consultant
    • High-Performing Team vs High-Performing Organization
Community Initiation of Lean-Kanban University (now Kanban University)

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Business agility is more than the organization’s IT shop adopting an agile delivery method. Business agility depends on three core capabilities: rapid delivery, strategic sensing, and customer rapport. As such it builds resilience to change as a strategic imperative and eventually it allows businesses to build a strategic advantage in driving change.

Investments in “agile” from an IT perspective will not increase business agility. So what does a company need in order to successfully drive change rather than react to it?

Dave will talk about how creating a resilient organization starts with rapid delivery and why many major organizations are turning their attention to less costly on-demand releases. We’ll look at how customer rapport is the new driver of operational efficiency, where not building something is invariably cheaper than optimizing the operational cost of building anything at all.