In this episode, Craeg joined Shahin to talk about Kanban and Various Aspects of Coaching & Consulting, as part of the Kanban Clinic series.

The following have been topics of our conversation:

  • From extreme programming to Kanban.
  • The differences between implementing kanban at the organizational level vs. the team level.
  • The importance of having a beginner mindset.
  • Other branches of kanban, exploring different aspects.
  • Differentiating and differentiating from cheap knockoff kanban.
  • Taking kanban beyond teams and groups to enterprise level.
  • Portfolio kanban and strategy level kanban.
  • How kanban helps with visualization and leadership.
  • Finding opportunities to use kanban tools.

Note: It is the speaker’s intent to add that Nimble, formerly known as Swif, does not suffer from the limitation implied.

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