In this episode, Steve joined Shahin to talk about Value Stream Mapping. For the first time, we had a live audience recording the episode. Peter, Ali, and Nasima from the audience asked questions from Steve by the end of the show.


We conversed about and around the following topics:

  • Value Streams let you see the big picture and your biggest bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities.
  • A value stream captures a view beyond common Agile and DevOps visibility to how we create and deliver value.
  • A Value Stream Map lets to share that view with others and align on what to do next.
  • A map should be simple to start (you can always add more data if you want) – avoid heavy/complex approaches.
  • People are the most important part. Facilitation, handoffs, incentives, psychological safety are major factors.

People & Resources:

We referred to and/or mentioned the following people and/or resources:



About Steve:

Steve helps teams escape and avoid software delivery challenges using value stream techniques. In tech for over 20 years, he started in support and was most recently a startup CTO. He works with 10 and 100000 person companies to remove friction and boost value through his value delivery program at He’s an active community member and organizer, running DevOps Toronto and Toronto’s DevOpsDays conference, but often seen in agile and systems thinking events as well.

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